David Oakley

Multifamily Specialist with Berkadia, a Berkshire Hathaway and Jefferies Financial Group company.

David Oakley, Founder of OG Capital, Blue Canoe Properties, Select My Space, and Alabama’s office of Berkadia is the Southeast’s preeminent advocate for all things multi-family. For the past two decades, Oakley has followed his heart by committing an abundance of emotional and financial resources to the promotion of the Southeast's multi-family housing arena. An ambitious visionary, Oakley has cast a wide net in the establishment of these business ventures, and has accomplished unrivaled synergy in all fundamental aspects of the industry. The effective harnessing of the region’s diverse multi-family core axioms, have allowed Oakley to become a foremost principal resource to an expanse of both institutional and private equity. Oakley’s delicate mastery of multi-family’s sophisticated, yet emotionally driven processes has enabled his industry partners and associates to develop a new standard of excellence.