Tylah McConnell: Midwife, Entrepreneur, and Author on Self-Abandonment, Tik Tok Virality, Babies, and 18 & Lost

Tylah McConnell is a midwife in Australia who, with a group of 8 friends, published a book for young people navigating the difficult period of life after high school. In this episode, we chat about Tylah's chapter in the book, 18 & Lost, the 5:30 am club, emotional intelligence, self-abandonment, masculine vs feminine energy, Anthony de Mello, and how expansion and contraction each have their place in life.

Tylah McConnell
Tylah McConnell
October 3, 2021

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Tylah McConnell knew from an early age that catching babies was her calling. After going the traditional route of the medical establishment with months of work without a day off, Tylah had a  defining moment of clarity where she knew she had turn off the beaten path. From there, she dove headfirst into her own practice, starting a midwifery consulting practice, building a brand around midwifery, as well as developing her own mental and physical health.

Throughout this interview, we cover her moment of clarity, her reasons for getting into midwifery, some valuable tips for men in the delivery room, what she shares in 18 & Lost, the benefits of the 5:30 am club, and how being too self-aware can be damaging.


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