Tony Lopez: Combatting the Housing Crisis with Alternative Living Spaces, Tiny Homes, and Shipping Containers

Two simultaneous realizations led Tony Lopez to create Alternative Living Spaces: how much of his paycheck was going toward rent every month and how cheaply his father built a livable tree house in his backyard. Tony started with a storage container conversion from craigslist that he completed over the course of nine months. The final product went viral, and production has not stopped since. Alternative Living Spaces designs and produces small, functional living spaces in contrast to traditional cookie cutter builds. Their products include container homes, container RV's, container gym's, and more. In this conversation Tony shares the backstory of founding the business, his philosophy for why alternatives are necessary and often better, and the exciting developments in the future of smaller living spaces.

Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez
November 8, 2021

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Tony Lopez started Alternative Living Spaces to help fight the affordable housing crisis and to solve his own problem of overpaying for rent. In this conversation, we cover the founding story, his vision for the future, and his personal why behind it all.


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