Tom Merrick: The Bodyweight Warrior on Calisthenics, Real Estate, Natural Eating, YouTube, and Training Goals

With 686,000 subscribers on YouTube, Tom Merrick, aka The Bodyweight Warrior, has built quite the reputation for his expertise in bodyweight training, calisthenics, yoga, flexibility, nutrition, and sleep. After getting a bad case of mono (glandular fever) Tom was not allowed to do any heavy-lifting which motivated him to switch his focus to calisthenics. Seven years later, he's become an extremely accomplished bodyweight athlete. In this conversation, Tom shares advice for setting training goals, developing realistic expectations, eating more naturally, cultivating energy, intensity, and rigor, getting better sleep, and diversifying income streams through real estate. Tom also shares his backstory including why and how he started making YouTube videos in the first place. Tom is a UK-based entrepreneur and content creator.

Tom Merrick
Tom Merrick
October 10, 2021

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Tom Merrick, aka The Bodyweight Warrior, has built a massive following for his excellent instructional videos, follow-along stretch routines, and top-notch health and fitness content. His channel incorporates practical philosophy, scientific breakdowns, and step-by-step progressions to improve health and fitness in all dimensions. 

In this conversation, we cover training goals, sleep and diet advice, Tom's personal journey to YouTube, the unique difficulty of handstands, and much more. 


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