Steph Smith: Indiehacker, Author, and Head of - Doing Life & Content Right

Steph Smith joins us for a wide-ranging conversation that covers her book, relationships, mindset training, lifestyle design, life's seasonality, and a segment where we riff on new business ideas including parking deck conversions and healthy remote work gadgets.

Steph Smith
Steph Smith
May 11, 2021

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Steph Smith is a lifestyle designer, a growth marketer, a writer, an indie hacker, and an entrepreneur. 

She graduated from Queen's University with a degree in chemical engineering before embarking on a brief stint in management consulting. 

Steph went on to lead Publications at Toptal remotely while traveling to 52 countries and learning to code. Steph now leads, an amazing paid newsletter that finds and delivers business trends to 16,000+ subscribers. 

Last year, Steph released Doing Content Right, a widely respected guide for online media creators. 


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