Sheldon Gilbert: Blockchains for Underserved Communities, Nonprofit Vocational Schools, and Mental Models from Genomics

Sheldon Gilbert founded Proclivity Systems after graduating from Yale with a degree in biophysics and biochemistry. Proclivity is a smart marketplace for healthcare advertising. In this conversation, we talk about the impact of distributed consensus, permissionless lending, his nonprofit Kura Labs, and how his understanding of genomics impacts his perspective.

Sheldon Gilbert
Sheldon Gilbert
July 27, 2021

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Through his work in molecular genetics, Sheldon came to understand both the value of structured data, and the amount of unstructured data that the world was coming into. After a few years in data mining roles, he founded Proclivity which sought to structure data in such a way that helped all parties in a transaction gain utility.

Recently, Sheldon has been evangelizing a feature of Blockchain technology, distributed consensus, and how it will help to empower underserved communities by removing subjectivity. He also founded Kura Labs, a nonprofit aimed at training  and placing underprivileged students into high paying internet infrastructure jobs.


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