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The Seed Oils Episode: Seed Oil Disrespecter and Joe Consorti on Why You Need To Eliminate Seed Oils From Your Diet

In this episode, the brilliant propagandists behind the Seed Oil Disrespect Movement reveal the reasons why they passionately advocate for the elimination of seed oils from our diets. Armed with information and case studies on the negative health effects of seed oils, they are building substantial momentum in the crusade against them.

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Seed Oil Disrespecter is a real world medical doctor who runs the Seed Oil Disrespecter twitter account. He is a leading voice in the seed oil rebellion. 

Joe Consorti is a small business owner, a bitcoin maximalist, and amateur body builder who helps fuel the Seed Oil Disrespect propaganda machine with fresh memes. 

Through their shared desire to destroy big seed oil, this unlikely pair is leading the charge against what may be the root of more health problems than anybody could have expected.


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