Ryan Agnew (Scrubby): How Comedy YouTuber Scrubby Grew To Millions Of Subscribers

In this episode, we talk to YouTuber Scrubby. Scrubby is known in the real world as Ryan Agnew. We walk through his journey to millions of subscribers on his comedy YouTube channels Scrubs, Scrubby, and Scrubae. We discuss his most popular videos such as 5-minute crafts, the Karen series, and his reality TV show reactions. Finally, we get into the impact that his success has had on his life.

June 23, 2020

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Throughout the interview, we cover how he got to where he is at, misconceptions about the life of YouTubers, the state of the content creation industry, and what he sees for his future. It was a really fun, casual conversation, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

Some quick facts about Scrubby:

  • He has three channels, "Scrubs", "Scrubby", and "Scrubae."
  • He has a merchandise line called, "Sorry Karen."
  • He published hundreds of videos before getting any traction.
  • Was a speech and debate nerd in high school.

If you want to check out Scrubby's different channels you can do so here: Scrubby, Scrubs, and Scrubae.

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