Scott Rieckens: How The FIRE Movement Can Improve Your Relationships, Happiness, and Finances

Scott Rieckens is an Emmy-nominated film/video producer, serial entrepreneur, and author. His recent documentary, Playing With FIRE, explores the financial independence and early retirement movement. In this conversation, we cover how to learn from Reddit and other online communities, common criticisms of FIRE, how to use FIRE to improve relationships, advertising and marketing his documentary, working with people like Ryan Holiday, making spending decisions, trust and integrity, Bend Oregon, the usefulness of having a large email list, the difference between cheap and frugal, and working backward from your goals.

Scott Rieckens
Scott Rieckens
July 14, 2021

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Scott's formal bio from Amazon: "Scott has spent his career as a storyteller connecting people with ideas. Along the way, Scott’s work has generated millions of views through a feature-length documentary, multiple televisions series, short films, and a diverse range of commercial projects for Microsoft, NBC, Facebook, FOX, Taylor Guitars, Wired, and others. Now, Scott has created Playing with FIRE, which explores the growing community of frugal-minded folks choosing a path to financial independence and early retirement. He and his family reside in Bend, Oregon."

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We also mentioned 1729 and Network States by Balaji S. Srinivasan.

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