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Robby Wade: ThisApp founder on Rethinking Social Coordination and Bringing Super-apps to the West

Robby Wade joins us to talk about the future of social coordination and international communication. His startup, ThisApp, aims to become WeChat for the west... an all-in-one place where you make calls, send messages, create events, share availability, and split expenses. This episode covers why Robbie is tackling this problem, his inspirations, why yet another chat app is necessary, and the ideal future for social coordination and Robbie's company.

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Robby Wade is the Co-Founder and CEO of this app, the all-in-one chat platform that makes it easy to connect with anyone and organize anything. Previously, he was an Investment Banker, a Venture Partner and Advisor,  the COO of a venture-backed startup,  and manager at a McDonalds. These eclectic experiences shape his thoughtful worldview. 



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