Robbie Crabtree: Founder of The On Deck Performative Speaking Fellowship - The Art of Storytelling and Becoming a Thought Leader In 6 Months

Robbie Crabtree shares the most important skills for performative speaking learned from his career as a trial lawyer. This includes detailed breakdowns of storytelling, emotional communication, and active listening. We also discuss his successful founder journey. Within 6 months of writing online, Robbie launched a popular online course on performative speaking which is now a part of the On Deck learning community.

Robbie Crabtree
Robbie Crabtree
February 16, 2021

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Robbie Crabtree is a trial lawyer by trade having tried 102 jury trials over the last decade.

Throughout that time, he learned how to craft narratives that delivers his message to the audience in a clear, concise, and powerful way. After completing Write of Passage and beginning to build an audience, Robbie leveraged that specific storytelling knowledge into a cohort based course, Performative Speaking. 

Performative Speaking took off, and within months had been acquired by On Deck. Robbie continues to work on the course as the program director. 

Throughout this interview, we dive deep into the course, his journey from nothing to acquisition, and what he has learned a long the way.


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