Rita Lewison Singer: Louis' Grandmother! Stories From An Entrepreneur, Actress, and Motivational Speaker

Rita Lewison Singer, Louis' grandmother, joins the podcast to share lessons and stories from her varied career as a college professor, school teacher, corporate communications consultant, speechwriter, motivational speaker, image consultant, media entrepreneur, and actress. We cover lifelong learning, reinventing yourself, active retirement, and much more!

Rita Lewison Singer
Rita Lewison Singer
June 29, 2021

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Rita Lewison Singer is a retired entrepreneur turned actress.

Throughout her career, Rita spent time as a school teacher, college professor, magazine creator, ghostwriter, and corporate communications consultant. 

This conversation covers the major highlights from every stop along the way. We also dive into the events and decision processes guiding the transitions between each of these roles. 

It just so happens that Rita is Louis' grandmother!



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