Peter Voss: Artificial General Intelligence Fundamentals & The Impact It Will Have

AGI expert Peter Voss walks us through the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, the differences between Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence (a term he coined alongside fellow AI luminaries), his take on the dangers of AGI, taking his previous venture from 0-400 employees and IPO'ing, and the mission behind his new company, Relevant buzzwords we only partially understand include cognitive architecture, ontologies, and knowledge graphs.

Peter Voss
Peter Voss
August 31, 2021

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Peter is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, engineer, and Artificial Intelligence expert.  After starting in electronics engineering company, Peter naturally took to software development. In that process, Peter was taken by the fragility of software and set out on a 15 year journey to understand intelligence, how it has been developed over time, and how to bring it to machines to reduce naïveté and increase its capabilities.

This manifested itself in Peter and a group of others coining the term Artificial General Intelligence in 2001, penning countless articles, and launching his current venture,, a company on a mission to bring  highly intelligent and hyper personalized assistant for everyone. 


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