Mona El Isa: Founder of Enzyme Finance - From Goldman Sachs to On Chain Asset Management ($MLN)

Mona El Isa joins us to discuss her on chain asset management decentralized finance protocol, Enzyme Finance. Enzyme enables anybody to launch their own investment vault. In our conversation, we cover the basics of DeFi vs Traditional Finance, the mission of Enzyme, the benefits of absolute transparency, the inception of the industry, and the tokenomics of $MLN. Enjoy!

Mona El Isa
Mona El Isa
April 20, 2021

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Mona started her career as an 18-year-old trader at Goldman Sachs. While there, she worked her way up to Vice President of Equities Trading and eventually launched her own $30 million hedge fund.  

Early into her first fund, Mona was overwhelmed by the difficulty and expenses necessary to maintain regulatory compliance. In search of a solution to this problem, she discovered decentralized finance.

In 2016, Mona founded Enzyme (formerly Melon), before the DeFi industry even had $1,000 locked in its protocols. Today, DeFi has over $55 billion locked in the industry, and Mona has been there all along the way.

This interview discusses the differences between Mona's career, DeFi and Traditional Finance, and what future opportunities exist in DeFi.


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