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Mitko Karshovski: Patterns of Freelancers Who Make $100k+ and The Future of Remote Work

Mitko Karshovski joins us to discuss the most common patterns of freelancers that reach 100k (or more). We also cover the future of remote work. Inspired by the model of Harvard Business School, Mitko's education company, Parable, just released their freelancer case study. We cover the most important lessons from the case study and much more.

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Mitko is a lifelong entrepreneur who immigrated to the United States at the age of eleven.  After jumping from major to major in college, Mitko dropped out to pursue entrepreneurship full time.

In this conversation, we discuss how to acclimate to a new environment, the importance of learning through case studies and real-life situations, the pivot to HBS-style case study reports for his business, and an update on his outlook for the future of remote work. 


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