Mitko Karshovski: Launching Location Independent Entrepreneurial Careers Through Apprenticeships

Mitko Karshovski joins us from Varna, Bulgaria to share how and why he has been lived the remote life for the past few years. In this episode, Mitko walks us through how he achieved this lifestyle and what the unique benefits and challenges are. We also discuss what he teaches in his online business school, Parable, and what he has learned from hosting the "That Remote Life" podcast which has featured great guests like Phil Libin and Tynan.

Mitko Karshovski
Mitko Karshovski
September 13, 2021

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Mitko is a lifelong entrepreneur who immigrated to the United States at the age of eleven.  After jumping from major to major in college, Mitko dropped out to pursue entrepreneurship full time.

In this conversation, we discuss online communities, the importance of learning through case studies and real-life situations, the value of an apprenticeship, the income streams that he has worked to produce, and lessons from his podcast. 


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