Mike Lacy: From Coaching Debate to Selling Real Estate - Changing Careers, Investment Properties, and Habits For Growth

In this episode, we talk to Mike Lacy, a Speech and Debate Coach turned Real Estate Agent in the Atlanta area. We discuss his transitioning careers, buying your first investment property, and techniques for weight-loss and personal growth.

Mike Lacy
Mike Lacy
August 18, 2020

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Mike shares stories about his time competing and coaching speech and debate. At the peak of his coaching career, his public forum students won the Harvard, Georgetown, and National Tournaments in the same season. As a competitor, he earned three First-Round bids to the National Debate Tournament.

After reaching the top of his game in coaching, Mike transitioned into a new career selling real estate by joining the Ben Kinney group within Keller Williams.

He shares with us the some advice for real estate investing and how to work well with your agents and partners.

Last, he tells his story losing dramatic amounts of weight through reading about David Goggins and counting calories religiously.

Our challenge to you is to try counting the macros for everything you eat for one day and see what you learn about yourself and your diet!

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