Matt Slater: GP at Stateless VC on Crypto Investment Lessons, Metaverse Real Estate, and Much More

Matt Slater is a veteran cryptocurrency investor. In this conversation, we cover Matt's background leading him on this path, the founding and selling Hedgy, the world's first bitcoin derivatives exchange, how he felt like he "missed Bitcoin" in 2013, founding his venture firm, the future of metaverse real estate, communities that Matt has been a member of, marrying the centralized and decentralized worlds, and kite surfing.

Matt Slater
Matt Slater
December 7, 2021

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Matt Slater is an entrepreneur, founder, investor, advisor, and crypto evangelist. In college, he founded his first company, Campus Ink, a t-shirt screen printing company that opened him up to the world of entrepreneurship. After landing in San Francisco post-college, Matt found a community of people working and developing the early world of Crypto. He went on to found Hedgy, one of the first Bitcoin derivatives exchanges backed by Marc Benioff and Tim Draper. 

After selling Hedgy, Matt began investing at Synapse Capital before branching out and starting his own shop at Stateless Ventures. Some of Matt's notable investments include the Ethereum pre-sale, MakerDAO, Synthetix, Cosmos, Augur, Aave, and Republic Protocol among others. Matt also invests in and develops real estate at Pareto Properties.

Matt earned a bachelors of finance from USC, a Masters of Finance from Hult Business School, and a JD from Loyola Law school.


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