Matt Redler: Founder of Panther HR - Unlocking the Global Labor Market & Raising $4 Million from VCs

Matt Redler is the Founder and CEO of Panther, a venture backed seed stage startup that is rolling up compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits for globally distributed teams and making it easy to hire in any country in the world. Throughout this interview, we talk about the path forward for Panther, the collective economic and human benefit of unlocking the global workforce, asymmetric bets, raising millions of venture capital, entrepreneurship, and Matt's early startups.

Matt Redler
Matt Redler
September 21, 2021

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While having to shut down a previous startup  in the midst of the pandemic, Matt's number one priority was to give his globally distributed team a soft landing into great organizations. While doing this, he came to realize that corporations would not hire internationally because of compliance standards and foreign subsidiary requirements. A lightbulb went off, and Panther was born to solve this problem.

We cover how Panther could become the number one employer in the world, being at the center of a flow of funds, the breadth of the problem, what it is like to have product-market fit, asymmetric bets, raising money from big names, and Matt's personal story and background in debate.


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