Khe Hy: Following the Fun from Wall Street to Self Actualization & Crushing the Scarcity Mindset

Khe Hy from RadReads joins us to discuss breaking the scarcity mindset, mastering your inner voice, accumulating personal leverage, and following the fun. After 15 years on Wall Street, Khe quit the corporate world to help others deeply improve their productivity and, as a result, their lives. Khe is a coach, instructor, and writer with 20,000 weekly readers.

Khe Hy
Khe Hy
March 30, 2021

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Khe Hy was a financial wizard on Wall Street earning a 7 figure salary when he decided that what he thought he wanted wasn't what he actually wanted. He went on a two year journey of finding himself through the pursuit of fun. 

He followed different rabbit holes that eventually culminated in Rad Reads, a blog that transforms readers' relationships with time, work, money, and meaning. The blog cleverly lures success-minded individuals into discussing matters of the soul by appealing to the never-ending drive for increased productivity. 

In our conversation, we discuss overcoming a scarcity mindset, coaching and therapy, improving positive mental chatter, Khe's journey as a content creator, and much more!




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