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Ken Rusk: Blue Collar Cash, Contrarian Career Advice From The Million-Dollar Ditch Digger

Ken Rusk joins us to discuss his best-selling book, Blue Collar Cash, a guide to loving your work, securing your future, and finding happiness. We also cover how he got his start as a ditch digger, his arguments for and against college, the supply and demand of trade workers, and setting a vision for your life.

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Ken Rusk is a blue-collar construction business entrepreneur with over 200 employees who has launched multiple successful endeavors over the last thirty years. For the first many years of his young working life, he dug ditches for a basement repair company in northern Ohio. Over the years, he dug his way to a good life, one shovel of dirt at a time, and is now teaching others to do the same. Rusk has extensive experience in hiring, training, and developing first-time job seekers, particularly those without college degrees. He lives in Toledo, Ohio, where he runs Rusk Industries, Inc., which specializes in various forms of construction.  


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