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Kelley W. Powell: Partnering With Private Equity To Grow Your Business

Kelley Powell is the CEO and Founder of the MacLaurin Group - a company providing technology operating partner services to portfolios of private equity companies. She is also the author of a new book: Courage to Lose Sight of Shore, How To Partner With Private Equity To Grow Your Business With Confidence. Leadership lessons from the book include supporting a founder to grow his idea to a $1B company. In this conversation, we discuss Kelley's career path, staying patient without slowing down, how to manage culture during acquisitions, the power of breakfast meetings, adaptive fashion, angel investing, and why Kelley is obsessed with being a champion for good.

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Kelley W. Powell is CEO and Partner of MacLaurin Group, a company providing technology operating partner services to portfolios of private equity companies. Kelley is an avid mentor, angel investor, and chairwoman for the da Vinci Center for Innovation Angels Advisory Board at VCU. She’s also a board member of the Richmond chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, and in 2020 was appointed by Governor Northam to serve as a member of the Virginia Council on Women.

Even if you are just starting out and PE is not in the near future, Kelley's leadership lessons on how to grow a company are worth the read for any entrepreneur!

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