Josh Rosenthal: VC & PhD in Medieval History On Why Crypto Is The Next Renaissance

Josh Rosenthal, VC & Ph.D. in Medieval History explains why Crypto really is the next revolution. In this conversation, we discuss the historical similarities between the modern internet renaissance and the renaissance of the 1400s, non-coin and non-NFT crypto use cases for blue-collar America, turning cost centers into revenue generators, how crypto is taking on the cold start problem, and the future of recorded history.

Dr. Josh Rosenthal
Dr. Josh Rosenthal
February 6, 2022

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Josh Rosenthal is the founder of The 6ixth Event, a crypto-first founders fund, managing partner at Narwhal ventures, a crypto-first family office, 2x exited healthcare founder, co-creator of The Long Tail Building (financed by an HNT miner), and a PhD in Late Medieval/Early modern European history.  His investments include Avalanche, Mudwtr, Thorchain, Helium, Polkadot, Kraken and many more. 


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