Jonathon Wu (JonWu.eth): Aztec, Privacy, Theranos, Zero-Knowledge, and The Spiritual Path To Cryptocurrency

Jonathan Wu runs growth at Aztec Network, a network building scalable privacy on Ethereum that recently raised $17 million dollars from Paradigm. In this conversation, we cover the importance of transactional privacy, the spiritual bridge to crypto, beginner guides to ZK proofs and roll-ups, Web3 incentive structures, Olympus DAO, and end with an incredible story about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Before working in crypto, Jon Wu held positions at Google and Bain Capital and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Jon Wu
Jon Wu
December 23, 2021

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Jonathan Wu is running growth at Aztec Network but before crypto, Jon led an extremely impressive career: undergrad at Yale where he was the captain of the cycling team, consulting at Mars & Co, Private Equity at Bain Capital in Shanghai, High distinction at Harvard Business School,  Special Projects at Google, and founding two startup companies.


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