John Sherwin: Co-Founder of Hydrant - The Business and Science of Water and Wellness

John Sherwin joins us to discuss Co-Founding Hydrant, a high-growth vc backed startup at "the intersection of water and wellness." John discusses the science of hydration and the business of delivering it to the world from raising money, marketing, and getting investors.

John Sherwin
John Sherwin
January 19, 2021

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John Sherwin joins us to discuss how he got started on his journey to innovate hydration.  He walks us through the major steps on his path from Oxford to Silicon Valley to NYC. 

We cover:

  • Hydration and why it is important
  • How he grew the Hydrant team and found his co-founder
  • How he got Hydrant into Whole Foods and Walmart
  • Bringing on venture funding and the benefits of it
  • His advice for others starting or scaling high growth companies


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