Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon: Life and Business Lessons From Australian Technology, Real Estate, and Education Entrepreneurs

Don't miss this energetic discussion concerning volunteering in Nepal, raising $400k on Kickstarter as a mass-market consumer electronics brand, launching an online education startup for lifelong learning, and embodying the not-so-secret secret to creating more opportunities for yourself. Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon are the Australian entrepreneurs behind companies like Espresso displays, Doohat labs, the Constant Student Community, Sydney Listings, and the upcoming book, 18 & Lost. Enjoy our first-ever 4-man interview!

Joe & Scott
Joe & Scott
May 25, 2021

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Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon are Australian entrepreneurs with a background in non-profit work. 

Using knowledge gained from helping rebuild Nepalese communities after a devastating Earthquake, Joe and Scott each launched their own entrepreneurial careers.

Scott is the co-founder of Espresso displays, "The World’s Thinnest Portable Monitors." 

Joe's business projects include co-founding the Sydney Listings real estate agency, the Constant Student learning community, and educational media startup, Doohat labs. 

This interview covered the power of storytelling, the importance of opening doors for others, the benefits of Eastern Experiences, the value of constant iteration, short feedback loops, and long-term thinking, and Joe's best mental models. 

We also cover Joe and Scott's background volunteering in Nepal, experience raising $400k on Kickstarter, and writing a book with 8 authors. 

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