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Jake Schonberger: Swapstack Co-Founder on The Future of Newsletters

Jake Schonberger is the Co-Founder at Swapstack, a marketplace that connects newsletter publishers with advertisers. His team creates tools that help newsletter writers monetize more effectively. This conversation covers how and why Jake created Swapstack, his experience working at Facebook, why he got a graduate degree from Harvard, his personal newsletter, The Premoney List, startup investing, the future of content creation, and much more.

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Jake Schonberger is the Co-Founder of Swapstack, a set of tools that help creators turn their passion into a business. 

Jake also is the primary deal curator at The Premoney List, a fellow at OnDeck, and an Investor at Disco. 

Previously, Jake worked in Business Development at Facebook and earned his Masters Degree in Design Engineering from Harvard University. 


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