Jack Niewold: Founder of Crypto Pragmatist on Keys To Responsible Altcoin Investing

Jack Niewold is the founder of Crypto Pragmatist, an email newsletter that provides institutional-grade altcoin analysis through data-backed investing frameworks applied to the cryptocurrency markets. It is minimal, compelling, and a quick way to get a high signal, long-term perspective on altcoins. In this conversation, we talk about the founding of Crypto Pragmatist, his inspirations, alpha through understanding, crypto protocols he finds interesting, why watching developer action is a great way to evaluate altcoins, and his incredible twitter growth.

Jack Niewold
Jack Niewold
April 1, 2022

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Jack is a long-term thinker in a short-term, cyclical industry. His company, Crypto Pragmatist provides excellent, institutional-grade investment memos and newsletters on the altcoin industry. 

Jack's excellent thinking and value is reflected in his twitter following, having gone from 48k at the time of this interview (Feb 9) to 70k at the time of publishing (April 1).

Disclaimer: As is always the case, we are just having fun. This is not financial advice. 


Jack's thread on BitFinex Hack: https://twitter.com/JackNiewold/status/1491196199256608770

Jack's Twitter account: https://twitter.com/JackNiewold

Naval's famous Wealth Thread: https://twitter.com/naval/status/1002103360646823936

Visual Capitalist blog: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/


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