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In this episode, Kyle and Louis introduce themselves and explain what the podcast will be about and why they started it.

Louis and Kyle
Louis and Kyle
March 24, 2020

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In this episode, Kyle and Louis introduce themselves and explain what the podcast will be about and why they started it. 

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Transcript (courtesy of Audiograph)

Episode Transcript

Louis: Kyle, we probably need to record some sort of introduction for why we are doing the show before we actually put out an episode. We need an explanation as to what this podcast is about.

Dude, for real, with the ringer again, is that me or is that you?

Kyle: I'm sorry. It's me, but I don't know how to turn it off?

Louis: Go to the top right corner of your screen. You see today and the notifications right. Scroll up and then turn do not disturb on. Okay.

That can be  part of the interview--let's just leave that in there. It's interesting.

Kyle: You learn from that.

Louis: Learn from that. This is a tutorials podcast. We'll teach you how to use Apple products and how them keep the sound on. Anyway, we should make some explanation as to why we're doing this. I sent my friend Shaun our first interview and he goes “bro, I'm like the perfect target audience for this. And I have no idea what's going on.”

So maybe we should explain what's going on.

Kyle: Well, we're doing [00:01:00] this podcast because we have a mutual interest in intellectual conversations, deep conversations that surpass the surface and get everybody that's involved thinking. We’ve taken actions to have more of these conversations. Like in the last few months, we, we got our friend group together whose sole purpose was to get together and to bring in other people in order to have these types of conversations.

What happened was the coronavirus exploded and sent us all the way from school. So now we have to find a different outlet, a different way to have these conversations where we learn so much from them.

Why do you think we were starting this podcast?

Louis: I mean, you said most of it right there. Specifically, a couple of these conversations we had with these guests ended up going—I mean, we thought they'd be fun and interesting, but they were really eye opening and thought provoking.

And a lot of [00:02:00] them went for two or three hours in, I mean, you're not gonna remember everything that happens in those conversations. You remember a couple of highlights from the beginning, a couple from the ends and maybe one or two questions you asked.

We wish we had a transcript or a recording, some things we found ourselves scrambling at the very end to try and or like right when the person would walk out of the room, we were trying to write down notes and jot everything that we could remember down. And we still lost so much.

I mean, the majority of it we lost for sure.

And, uh, we're stuck at home.

We still have, I mean, a big list of people we wanted to reach out to and talk to and interview and learn about and ask them questions about what they do in life and how they got there and the decisions they've made and their approaches to thinking and making decisions and living life and being happy and being successful and all those nice things.

Uh, and everyones at home, but we got zoom… market cap bigger than a couple of major airlines out of nowhere. We'll see how long that lasts—could be wrong. We'll see how well the comment ages, but anyway, Kyle and I met at the [00:03:00] entrepreneurship center at our school. It's called The Edge. They put on a competition called Startup Weekend last year around this time, maybe in February, Kyle ended up winning the competition.

I got third. Kyle took me out a week later for dinner at Moe's not the barbecue, but like the Chipotle style one Moe’s.  

Kyle: Let me paint the picture for you. Louis was sitting with his back toward the door with a book, uh, a book that he's reading and I walk up to him and I'm like, Hey, what's up?

And he's like, Oh, I can't waste any, any moments of any day.  I'm reading the four hour work week right now. I'm reading it for the third time actually. Um, I knew from that moment for that I can never work with him.

Louis: Yeah. Uh, you weren't right about that. We started working together maybe the next day, or at least talking about the prospect of working together.

And then over the summer, [00:04:00] we decided to work together at an entrepreneurship academy through that same organization, The Edge, through our school’s Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy. We did it. We worked on a project together for about eight or nine weeks. It was called The Productivity Store. We had the idea then of attaching a podcast to it, but we never did.

I was only participating part time. There was enough stuff to do with the website on its own. So it didn't get off the ground now, but now we have the free time to do it. So might as well.

Kyle: Coupled with a unique opportunity to reach out to people who are in similar situations, staying at home, just like we are.

Louis: Exactly. We got zoom. We can get anyone in the world on the call. We can record it through Zoom pretty easy. Kyle and I won the teamwork award. So that was pretty cool. That's pretty big goofy, but felt like putting that in there.

Kyle: If this podcast blows up, that'll be like top three bullet points for us… Won teamwork award.

Louis:  Out of a program with like eight teams maybe, or maybe [00:05:00] fewer. There's really like maybe two other teams. Yeah. So, but we were the best one, apparently in terms of teamwork,

Kyle: Even though you were never there because you had a job.

Louis: Exactly. But we were, we were working from home and being remote and collaborative before it was cool. No, it was already trendy, but now it's extra trendy.

Kyle: Very trendy right now.

Louis: Very in, to be working from home and making memes about it. I mean, we've got dogs barking in the background of this potentially.

Kyle: It just speaks to the authenticity.

Louis: Exactly. It's authentic.

We have a lot of interviews we want to conduct. That's our general idea for these first round of episodes, Kyle and I read a book together or something. Maybe we'll talk about it. So that's always an option. Uh, Retain that optionality?

Kyle: You haven't been Skin In The Game, right?

Louis: I've read Skin In The Game. Black Swan, which is probably the one I should've read right now.

Kyle: You know, I should probably do that one because once I finished Fooled by Randomness, I think I'm going to go to that one.

Louis: I'm glad I left all the books at school so I can buy them again on Kindle.

Kyle: Dude, you should buy the hard, the hard set. That's like 170 bucks. It looks so good.

Louis: All right. Well maybe I'll do that with the money we make from this podcast in five years.

Kyle: Man, can't believe you said money on our first podcast.

Wow. Already assuming that we're going to be big enough to make money, dude. You're more humble than that, please. I know we won the teamwork award, but we don't, we're not, we're not there, you know?

Louis: Yeah. I think we're going a little off topic here.

Kyle: Why would you say that?

Louis: I don't know. This is the teaser episode. People don't like us yet.

Kyle: It can be longer than 12 minutes.

Louis: Now when you said 10 [00:07:00] minutes, that's a positive constraint right there, Kyle.

Kyle: I think that that's a negative constraint because I would never click on, I would, I would just go to the first interview for sure.

Louis: That's true. So what's the point of even making this at that point?

Kyle: The point of making this is so that our 1000 true fans, if we ever get there can listen to this.

Louis: Exactly. Anyway, we did an interview yesterday two days ago, some point this week, last week with one of my good friends, we've got another one scheduled for tomorrow.

The chronology, this is all going to be wacky, depending on at what point we released all these things.

Please support us, share it if you like it.

Kyle: We hope that this provides some relief in the middle of this crazy time that we're going through.

Louis: So, just cause you're stuck at home, stay curious, keep learning stuff anyway. Don't just do nothing. You can sit on the couch and still ask questions

Louis Shulman
Co-Host of The Louis and Kyle Show

Louis is finishing his degree in computer science from the University of Alabama. He loves books, exercise, and internet challenges.

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