Guy Swann: Sound Money, Debt, Crypto Education, and Bitcoin's "Black Swan" Events

Guy Swann joins us to discuss the long term outlook for bitcoin and the problems caused by printing money.

Guy Swann
Guy Swann
December 29, 2020

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Guy Swann is host of the Bitcoin Audible podcast. His show was featured in Forbes Magazine’s Top Crypto Podcasts of 2020. Guy is also CEO of One Eleven Productions. 

He found himself engrossed in the economic experiment and technological breakthrough of Bitcoin in 2011, and hasn’t been able to pull himself away since. He has a background in networking and system administration, film & media production, and is an avid student of economics. 

He’s literally read thousands of hours of works on the many disciplines around Bitcoin and has listened to even more. He’s “read more about Bitcoin than anyone else you know!”


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