Grant McCarty: An Overachiever's Guide To Marketing, College Baseball, Education Startups, Public Policy, Test Prep, and Giving Back

PrepHQ CEO Grant McCarty shares strategies for finishing college in two years, how he's profitably helped underprivileged high school students accept $15 million in scholarships, tips for crushing marketing consulting gigs, the importance of structured days, and hypothetical policy changes to change the direction of a declining empire. Grant is a startup CEO, college athlete, and Carey Business Fellow at Johns Hopkins.

Grant McCarty
Grant McCarty
September 7, 2021

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Grant McCarty is a current MBA candidate and baseball player at Johns Hopkins University, recent graduate of the University of Alabama with two degrees in two years. Grant also runs PrepHQ a profitable education company for at risk youth, is the former CMO of a fin-tech startup with an 8-figure valuation, runs a consulting and full stack digital marketing agency, and sold a company in the  cannabinoid industry before turning 21.

Throughout this conversation, we talk about how he has accomplished so much, the way he thinks about his life and time management, and the why behind some of his big decisions like getting his MBA, going to Alabama, and the purpose of PrepHQ.


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