Dr. Richard Schatz: Co-Inventor of The Coronary Stent - Saving 100 Million Lives & Being a Lifelong Inventor

The Coronary Stent is responsible for extending over 100 million lives. In this episode Dr. Richard Schatz, co-inventor of this world-changing technology, joins us to give advice for patenting your ideas, generating new inventions, heart health, and longevity.

Richard Schatz
Richard Schatz
June 15, 2021

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Dr. Richard Schatz is research director of cardiovascular interventions at the Scripps Heart, Lung, and Vascular Center and director of gene and stem cell therapy. His work in coronary stents launched a revolution in the treatment of coronary artery disease; over 2 million stents are placed each year. His work has had an immeasurable impact on prolonging life and reducing healthcare costs.

This episode covers a cardiologist's perspective on the carnivore and low-carb diets, how the role of randomized controlled trials has changed over time, what to do to stay heart healthy.

We also discuss advice for being an inventor. This includes the importance of being first to file, building a daily inventing habit, and knowing the basics of patent law. 

Finally, we discuss the emotional impact of having influenced 100+ million people, why his design worked, and what it was like to engage with world leaders like Lee Kuan Yew and Mother Theresa. 

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