Dr. John Jaquish: Is Weight Lifting a Waste of Time? Q&A with the Inventor of the X3 and Osteostrong

Dr. John Jaquish is the author of Weightlifting Is a Waste of Time and inventor of OsteoStrong, Fortagen, and the X3 Training system. In this interview, Dr. Jaquish shares fitness and nutrition advice based on his research and inventions and explains how to organize training around the endocrine system. Dr. Jaquish is not afraid to express strong opinions or challenge convention. In this conversation, we explore his most controversial arguments and the merits behind them.

Dr. John Jaquish
Dr. John Jaquish
March 9, 2021

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Dr. John Jaquish is an entrepreneur whose life has been driven by an intense interest in bone health and growth spurred by his mother's diagnosis of osteoporosis.  

Combining this interest with bone health and his background in biomedical engineering, Dr. Jaquish invented OsteoStrong an internationally renowned bone strength machine used by over 30,000 people, the X3 a piece of variable resistance exercise equipment, and over 236 international patents. 

Dr. Jaquish is not afraid to be controversial as demonstrated by the title of his best-selling book, Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time. In his view, when solid science backs up a claim, the controversy should fade. Throughout this interview, we question some of these convention-defying opinions and are confident that you will learn something from Dr. Jaquish's interesting and entertaining answers.

Specifically, we discuss fasting, veganism, carnivore diets, testosterone optimization, variable resistance training, and supplementing with creatine and viagra. 


Buy the X3: https://www.jaquishbiomedical.com/products/

Read Dr. Jaquish's Book: https://www.amazon.com/Weight-Lifting-Waste-Time-Cardio-ebook/dp/B08DP84V2X/

Dr. Jaquish's Website: https://www.johnjaquish.com/

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