Doone Roisin: Host of Female Startup Club - Creating Resources To Help Millennial Women Learn and Dominate

Doone Roisin joins us to share her story creating Female Startup Club, what she's learned from interviewing 80+ inspiring female founders, and how she hopes to impact "women-in-progress" worldwide. Doone is fun, intense, and high energy & we had a great time getting to know her through this interview. Listen now!

Doone Roisin
Doone Roisin
November 17, 2020

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Doone has founded multiple E-Commerce DTC brands and previously ran social media at the Australian giant THE ICONIC. Now, she is working to bring the stories of female founders into the spotlight through her podcast and learning ecosystem, Female Startup Club.

Doone has an impressive history of taking things by the reigns and not stopping until she has accomplished her goals.

As the interview moves along, you will find out that she:

  • Vandalized a building as part of an interview
  • Spent 2 years as a digital nomad
  • Started hard core cold showers on a whim, in Switzerland, in the winter, and kept with it for months

All that to say, Doone is awesome, and we are extremely excited for you to learn from her!


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