DeFi Andy: Navigating the Wild West of Decentralized Finance

Andy, the 21-year old co-founder of DeFi Slate, joins us to discuss today's big opportunities in DeFi, downside risks to plan for, how he is positioning himself to benefit from coming the crypto-led future, and the implications of Eth 2.0 scaling. DeFi slate is a media company covering all things decentralized finance.

Andy (DeFi Slate)
Andy (DeFi Slate)
April 6, 2021

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Andy started his entrepreneurial journey by running online businesses including digital marketing consulting, copywriting, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and other e-commerce ventures. After finding success in that space, he transitioned to the world of DeFi where he produces and publishes content on DeFi Slate.

DeFi slate is teaching people how to participate in what they call V2 of the global financial system by educating  people on how to navigate DeFi, becoming their own bank, and understanding the world of NFTs.

In this episode, we talk to Andy about his career background, why he believes in decentralized finance, what he sees for the future of the space, and the risks to be aware of.


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