Dee Murthy: Fashion Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Tech Investor - Networking and Brand Launches

Dee Murthy chats with us about how to build and maintain a network, launching big brands like Young and Reckless, becoming famous on purpose, connecting Nas to Ben Horowitz, and working with Kanye West.

Dee Murthy
Dee Murthy
December 15, 2020

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Dee is the Co-CEO and founder of Young and Reckless and Five Four Group, a Los Angeles based holding company that owns a portfolio of major fashion brands including Menlo House, New Republic, Five Four, Oshenta, and Grand Running Club.

We talk with Dee about his experience and advice for building a network that opens doors to any opportunity. Dee also hosts a popular business comedy podcast, Group Chat, with his brother, Anand, and Chris "Drama" Pfaff. They talk about business, finance, and current events. 

Dee is also a co-founder at QueensBridge Venture Partners, a venture fund that made early investments in Dropbox and Lyft.


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