David Perry: Earning an Honorary Doctorate, Selling Companies to Atari and Sony, and Carro's Role in The Future of Social Commerce

David Perry went from high school dropout to earning an honorary doctorate in the same ceremony as Nelson Mandela. He's built official video game adaptations for box-office hits like The Matrix, Terminator, and Disney's Aladdin. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Carro, a social commerce Shopify application that opens massive new opportunities for vendors through cross-store selling and influencer partnerships. This episode discusses opportunities to use Carro to grow your business, how David became a main-stage TED speaker, selling a company to both Sony and Atari, finding new business models by traveling overseas with Howard Marks, the world of influencers as brands, and coming out of retirement to reinvent social commerce.

David Perry
David Perry
February 14, 2022

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David Perry began developing video games out of his bedroom at 15. Over the next thirty years, he was a leading game designer and worked with companies like Disney, McDonalds, and Atari creating games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Aladdin and the Matrix video game. In that time he built and sold two companies: Shiny Entertainment to Atari, and Gaikai to Sony (300M+).

His expertise lead to a main stage TED talk (1M+ views),  an honorary doctorate in Engineering from Queens University, and guest speaking at Stanford, MIT, and many others.

After selling Gaikai, David "retired" and picked up photography as a hobby. He noticed while doing self portraits for influencers that the monetization scheme for influencers was broken. He dived into the industry and then founded Carro in 2017, a cross platform Shopify app that allows influencers and brands to collaborate together to make more sales, and strengthen their brands.


→  Check out Carro: https://getcarro.com/

→ Follow David on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dperry

→ Books mentioned: The Lean Startup & The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

→ Watch David's Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/david_perry_are_games_better_than_life

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