David Bailey: CEO of BTC Magazine on Hyperbitcoinization, Crypto Careers, and Free Speech

David Bailey runs the world's largest Bitcoin publication, the world's largest Bitcoin conference, and a Bitcoin hedge fund. Since 2012, David has been committed to making hyperbitcoinization a reality. In this episode, David talks to us about his Bitcoin journey, running BTC magazine, planning Bitcoin 2021, teasers for Bitcoin 2022, and why young people should be getting crypto jobs.

David Bailey
David Bailey
August 12, 2021

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David Bailey is the CEO of BTC inc, a conglomerate that owns Bitcoin Magazine, The Bitcoin Conference, UTXO Management, and Carrot. Since entering the crypto space in 2012, David has run businesses that involve every part of the crypto ecosystem. After a few misguided years experimenting with crypto projects outside of Bitcoin, David came to the realization that Bitcoin is upstream of all other cryptocurrencies. 

Since then, his companies have been wholly focused on making hyperbitcoinization our reality.

In this episode, David tells about how he got into crypto in the first place and why, the opportunities that still exists for anyone looking to get into the industry, why he believes Bitcoin is good for humanity, the fundamental problem of central banks, Bitcoin in space, and what else Bitcoin will change.


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