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Colton Sakamoto: Co-Founder of Pomp Crypto Jobs - Building Tools For The Crypto Workforce

Colton Sakamoto joins us to talk about the founding story of Pomp Crypto Jobs, the state of crypto and Bitcoin, the role Anthony Pompliano has played in Colton's career, and Colton's long-term crypto outlook.

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Colton  Sakamoto graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Applied Economics and Business before earning his MBA all the while playing and teaching his first passion: Baseball. 

After a brief stint in mortgage banking, Colton found himself on a zoom call with Anthony Pompliano after he won an an impromptu meme off. During the call, him and Pomp teamed up to found Pomp Crypto Jobs, a job board that connects human capital and crypto companies.

Today, Colton is running the job board and running Pomp's new Maven course: The Fundamentals of Bitcoin and Crypto.


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