Cole Schafer: Chasing Perfection in Copywriting, Poetry, and Everything In Between

Popular copywriter, blogger, and poet Cole Schafer joins us to explain the art and science of running his creative writing shop, Honey Copy. We also discuss growing cities like Nashville, monetizing newsletters, paid communities, using words to sell like hell, and the pursuit of greatness.

Cole Schafer
Cole Schafer
June 22, 2021

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Cole Schafer is an entrepreneur, copywriter, and poet. For many years he has fed himself by connecting his brain to pen and creating value with words. 

Cole runs Honey Copy, a creative writing and copywriting firm, A-Team: a collection of elite freelancing entrepreneurs, two newsletters with 10's of thousands of subscribers, and authors poetry books in his free time.

His latest release, After Her, is a book that promises to break your heart. It is a book about falling in love and finding a way to be whole when that love is shattered. If that sounds like a fun read, we are giving away two copies! Follow and DM us to be entered to win.

Books Mentioned: On Writing by Steven King

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