Brandon Green: Chief of Staff at Bitcoin Magazine on Organizing Bitcoin Miami and Why "Bitcoin is the Answer"

Brandon Green directed and produced the content at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami. the largest ever Bitcoin event. From Michael Saylor and Jack Dorsey to Tony Hawk, Brandon was instrumental in coordinating an epic lineup of speakers. In this conversation, we cover how Brandon ditched chemical engineering to work in Bitcoin Media, the Tether stablecoin concerns, what Bitcoin would look like in space, and why Bitcoin is "good" for humanity.

Brandon Green
Brandon Green
July 21, 2021

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Brandon Green is Chief of Staff at Bitcoin Magazine. This role includes being a special assistant to the CEO, operations manager, and most recently the director of content for Bitcoin 2021 in Miami. Brandon started at BTC Mag after graduating from college, taking a calculated risk in leaving behind chemical engineering for Bitcoin. 

This conversation covers deep dives into why Bitcoin is good for humanity, BTC vs ETH, Bitcoin 2021, whether or not tether represents a systemic risk to Bitcoin, and how a future multi-planetary spacefaring civilization will use Bitcoin and the challenges that will arise from that.


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