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Ali Nichols: Innovating Short Term Rentals Investing with the Co-Founder of Getaway

Ali Nichols is the Co-Founder of Getaway, a venture-backed real estate investing platform that empowers you to invest in premier vacation rental properties at an affordable cost, and experience them yourself, for a discount! They aim to make real estate investing accessible for everyone by fractionalizing hard-to-acquire STR assets and allowing anyone to invest for as little as $100. Throughout this conversation, we dive deep into the business model, real estate strategies, deal sourcing tools, and competitive advantage of Getaway.

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Ali Nichols is the Co-Founder of Getaway. Previously, she worked as a Senior Manager for Uber's real estate team, which we cover in the interview, and as the VP of Growth and Real Estate at Bungalow.  During her time at Bungalow, Ali ran numerous business functions including, Operations, Growth, Marketing, Sales, and Real Estate. Additionally, Ali spearheaded raising and operating a $700M real estate fund focused on acquiring single family rentals.


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