Akaash Pardesi (Akaash Aesthetics): Entrepreneur, Coach and Bodybuilder - Mastering Reality with Positive Mental Frameworks

Akaash Pardesi joins us to share his frameworks for mastering your reality, how to live in an empowered state, cooking and eating whole foods, boosting testosterone, and detaching from the desires of your younger self.

Akaaash Pardesi
Akaaash Pardesi
May 4, 2021

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Akaash Pardesi is a bodybuilder turned entrepreneur and coach, focusing specifically on taking plateaued entrepreneurs to the next level by equipping them with frameworks driven from a place of happiness.

In this episode, we dive into his process, his journey to where he is at today, quantum states, how to use the brain like a database, meditation, how he read 500 books, and why you should avoid linear models in our exponential world.


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