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Frequently Asked Questions —

The Louis and Kyle Show firmly believes in the importance of asking good questions. Here are some common ones.

About Us
Who Do You Interview?

Our goal is to have deep conversations with unconventional people who have knowledge and stories to share about their area of expertise. We  focus on entrepreneurs, investors, and subject matter experts in health and technology.

How Do I Get On The Show?

Louis and Kyle are very reachable! You can email us, direct message us individually, or direct message the show's accounts. If you have a story to tell, a well formed argument, or specific and relevant knowledge, we would love to hear from you.

What Will I Learn From Listening?

Each guest tells illustrative stories that help you remember the lessons they share. Louis and Kyle almost always ask a few questions geared toward actionable recommendations whether that is books to read, places to visit, or exercises to try.

Where Should I Start?

Scan our list of episodes and find a guest that appeals to you. If you are indecisive, just start with the most recent episode!