In order to stay relevant, it's become more important than ever to be able to rapidly acquire rare and valuable skills. These conversations profile philomaths (lovers of learning) and dive into their techniques for effective self-education. In the process, we also learn a lot about their areas of interest whether that's languages, anthropology, nutrition, or history.

Polina Marinova Pompliano: Founder of The Profile - Studying The World's Smartest People

Polina Marinova Pompliano joins us to share how she made a full-time career out of writing her premium newsletter, The Profile. Every week, Polina teaches her readers important life lessons through stories of the world's most successful people. Popular pieces include Charlie Munger, The Rock, and Nick Saban. We also discuss her angel investments, advice for couples, and the future of long-form content creation.

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Akaash Pardesi (Akaash Aesthetics): Entrepreneur, Coach and Bodybuilder - Mastering Reality with Positive Mental Frameworks

Akaash Pardesi joins us to share his frameworks for mastering your reality, how to live in an empowered state, cooking and eating whole foods, boosting testosterone, and detaching from the desires of your younger self.

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Scott Young: Author of Ultralearning and Co-Creator of Life of Focus - Distilled Wisdom on Motivation, Education, and Productivity

Scott Young, author of Ultralearning, joins us to discuss the best ideas from his decade of writing and teaching about productivity, learning, motivation, philosophy, and success. Scott is also the Co-Creator of Life of Focus, a 3-month course he teaches with Cal Newport.

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Tal Gur: 100 Goals in 10 Years - The Story of a Life Fully Lived

Tal Gur shares his accumulated wisdom from achieving 100 Life Goals in 10 Years. Tal is the founder of Elevate Society and the author of The Art of Fully Living. We discuss the nuances of achievement, emotions, purpose, and many of life's big questions.

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Geoff Woods: Co-Founder of ProduKtive - What It Means To Live The ONE Thing

In this episode we interview Geoff Woods, the Co-Founder and President of ProduKtive. ProduKtive is a training company and community based on the best selling book, The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. We discuss the best ideas from the book and how to integrate them into our lives.

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Louis, Kyle, and Danny Miranda: Lessons from Conducting 50 Podcast Interviews

In this podcast, our friend Danny Miranda joins us to discuss what we've each learned from conducting 50 podcast interviews in 2020.

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Frederic Stutzman: Founder of - Building Tools to Reclaim Your Digital Well-Being

Frederic Stutzman, CEO of, comes on to discuss the big questions surrounding social media, the negative effects of overusing technology, and the implications of "The Social Dilemma" on his business. We also get into Fred's recommended use of Freedom to reclaim time and attention.

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Brandon Zhang: Leveraging Online Courses Into Real World Results & Scaling The Student Mindset Brand

In this episode, we interview Brandon Zhang about the strategies he's used to grow his audience on twitter, his email list, and his podcast over the past 7 months. Brandon is a freshman at Columbia who used the quarantine to take great online courses, apply what he learned, and attract a size-able following.

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