These conversations go in-depth on real estate, angel investing, and the stock market.

Matt Redler: Founder of Panther HR - Unlocking the Global Labor Market & Raising $4 Million from VCs

Matt Redler is the Founder and CEO of Panther, a venture backed seed stage startup that is rolling up compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits for globally distributed teams and making it easy to hire in any country in the world. Throughout this interview, we talk about the path forward for Panther, the collective economic and human benefit of unlocking the global workforce, asymmetric bets, raising millions of venture capital, entrepreneurship, and Matt's early startups.

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Mark Podolsky aka "The Land Geek": Getting Dirt Rich From 5,000 Real Estate Transactions

Mark is leading authority on buying and selling raw, undeveloped land in the US. Since 2001, Mark has completed over 5,000 unique transactions. In this episode we dive deep into the business model that has made him so successful, his aversion to solo-economic dependency, his zen philosophies, and why he has shifted his focus to helping others to start trading land.

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David Bailey: CEO of BTC Magazine on Hyperbitcoinization, Crypto Careers, and Free Speech

David Bailey runs the world's largest Bitcoin publication, the world's largest Bitcoin conference, and a Bitcoin hedge fund. Since 2012, David has been committed to making hyperbitcoinization a reality. In this episode, David talks to us about his Bitcoin journey, running BTC magazine, planning Bitcoin 2021, teasers for Bitcoin 2022, and why young people should be getting crypto jobs.

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Sheldon Gilbert: Blockchains for Underserved Communities, Nonprofit Vocational Schools, and Mental Models from Genomics

Sheldon Gilbert founded Proclivity Systems after graduating from Yale with a degree in biophysics and biochemistry. Proclivity is a smart marketplace for healthcare advertising. In this conversation, we talk about the impact of distributed consensus, permissionless lending, his nonprofit Kura Labs, and how his understanding of genomics impacts his perspective.

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Brandon Green: Chief of Staff at Bitcoin Magazine on Organizing Bitcoin Miami and Why "Bitcoin is the Answer"

Brandon Green directed and produced the content at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami. the largest ever Bitcoin event. From Michael Saylor and Jack Dorsey to Tony Hawk, Brandon was instrumental in coordinating an epic lineup of speakers. In this conversation, we cover how Brandon ditched chemical engineering to work in Bitcoin Media, the Tether stablecoin concerns, what Bitcoin would look like in space, and why Bitcoin is "good" for humanity.

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Scott Rieckens: How The FIRE Movement Can Improve Your Relationships, Happiness, and Finances

Scott Rieckens is an Emmy-nominated film/video producer, serial entrepreneur, and author. His recent documentary, Playing With FIRE, explores the financial independence and early retirement movement. In this conversation, we cover how to learn from Reddit and other online communities, common criticisms of FIRE, how to use FIRE to improve relationships, advertising and marketing his documentary, working with people like Ryan Holiday, making spending decisions, trust and integrity, Bend Oregon, the usefulness of having a large email list, the difference between cheap and frugal, and working backward from your goals.

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Lisa Song Sutton: Serial Entrepreneur and Former Miss Nevada on Creative Dealmaking, Buying Knowledge, and Political Responsibility

Lisa Song Sutton joins us to explain why she paid $10,000 to follow someone for two weeks. We also discuss how she launched instantly profitable pack-and-ship stores, the Las Vegas Real Estate market, the benefits of being Miss Nevada and a content creator, and how she manages her cupcake store and e-commerce company. Other topics include why she ran for congress, how she makes decisions, why she went to law school, and her daily habits and routines.

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AJ Osborne: Founder & CEO of Cedar Creek Wealth - Building a $150 Million Self-Storage Portfolio

AJ Osborne joins us to discuss his self-storage real estate business, measuring the right metrics, finding good deals, why we should "move micro" and "understand" the macro economy, and his advice for young entrepreneurs.

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