These conversations go in-depth on real estate, angel investing, and the stock market.

Stefan von Imhof: The Best Alternative Asset Classes - Farmland, Music Royalties, ADUs, Collectibles and More

Stefan von Imhof's startup provides in-depth research into alternative investments including collectibles, music royalties, non-traditional real estate, micro SaaS, crypto, tickets, watches, fine alcohol, and many more. This episode covers Stefan's business journey, his favorite asset classes, and his growth marketing strategies at

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Jack Niewold: Founder of Crypto Pragmatist on Keys To Responsible Altcoin Investing

Jack Niewold is the founder of Crypto Pragmatist, an email newsletter that provides institutional-grade altcoin analysis through data-backed investing frameworks applied to the cryptocurrency markets. It is minimal, compelling, and a quick way to get a high signal, long-term perspective on altcoins. In this conversation, we talk about the founding of Crypto Pragmatist, his inspirations, alpha through understanding, crypto protocols he finds interesting, why watching developer action is a great way to evaluate altcoins, and his incredible twitter growth.

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Josh Rosenthal: VC & PhD in Medieval History On Why Crypto Is The Next Renaissance

Josh Rosenthal, VC & Ph.D. in Medieval History explains why Crypto really is the next revolution. In this conversation, we discuss the historical similarities between the modern internet renaissance and the renaissance of the 1400s, non-coin and non-NFT crypto use cases for blue-collar America, turning cost centers into revenue generators, how crypto is taking on the cold start problem, and the future of recorded history.

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Rob Frasca: Managing Partner at COSIMO Venture Partners on 25+ Years of Tech Investing and Entrepreneurship

Rob Frasca is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at COSIMO Venture Partners, an emerging VC firm that focuses on disruptive early-stage technology companies in blockchain, cyber security, and AI. Prior to COSIMO, Rob was an active-duty Naval pilot, and founded and exited multiple tech startups including Galt Technologies, one of the very first online financial services. This episode covers the investments Rob is making in 2022 and the philosophies behind them. We also discuss business lessons from Rob's long entrepreneurial career. As always, nothing in this episode constitutes financial advice.

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Jonathon Wu (JonWu.eth): Aztec, Privacy, Theranos, Zero-Knowledge, and The Spiritual Path To Cryptocurrency

Jonathan Wu runs growth at Aztec Network, a network building scalable privacy on Ethereum that recently raised $17 million dollars from Paradigm. In this conversation, we cover the importance of transactional privacy, the spiritual bridge to crypto, beginner guides to ZK proofs and roll-ups, Web3 incentive structures, Olympus DAO, and end with an incredible story about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Before working in crypto, Jon Wu held positions at Google and Bain Capital and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Matt Slater: GP at Stateless VC on Crypto Investment Lessons, Metaverse Real Estate, and Much More

Matt Slater is a veteran cryptocurrency investor. In this conversation, we cover Matt's background leading him on this path, the founding and selling Hedgy, the world's first bitcoin derivatives exchange, how he felt like he "missed Bitcoin" in 2013, founding his venture firm, the future of metaverse real estate, communities that Matt has been a member of, marrying the centralized and decentralized worlds, and kite surfing.

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Jon Ostenson: Franchising 101 with The CEO of FranBridge Capital, Is Franchising Right For You?

Jon Ostenson is the CEO of FranBridge Capital, a firm committed to helping people successfully launch and build non-food franchise businesses. In this episode, we get into Jon's story, the basics of franchising, why it is often the best option for starting a business, lucrative niches within franchises, and how Jon helps people become business owners. We also get answers to questions including how much startup capital franchises require and what kind of skills are necessary to get started on this path.

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Tony Lopez: Combatting the Housing Crisis with Alternative Living Spaces, Tiny Homes, and Shipping Containers

Two simultaneous realizations led Tony Lopez to create Alternative Living Spaces: how much of his paycheck was going toward rent every month and how cheaply his father built a livable tree house in his backyard. Tony started with a storage container conversion from craigslist that he completed over the course of nine months. The final product went viral, and production has not stopped since. Alternative Living Spaces designs and produces small, functional living spaces in contrast to traditional cookie cutter builds. Their products include container homes, container RV's, container gym's, and more. In this conversation Tony shares the backstory of founding the business, his philosophy for why alternatives are necessary and often better, and the exciting developments in the future of smaller living spaces.

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