Conversations about all things relating to starting, growing, running, or selling a successful business. We interview guests with stories to tell about all stages of the business lifecycle.

Tiago Forte: Build A Second Brain To Maximize Productivity and Creativity

Tiago Forte teaches the Building a Second Brain training program. According to Tiago, a second brain is "A Proven Method to Organize Your Digital Life and Unlock Your Creative Potential." This conversation covers the fundamentals of Personal Knowledge Management and how to apply it to make our lives more creative and productive.

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Joel Hansen: Mastering LinkedIn and Teaching CEOs How To Tell Stories

Joel Hansen heads marketing and partnerships at LOI Venture, a 20M seed fund backing the brightest founders under 30. In addition, Joel advises CEOs on social media storytelling (having worked with brands like the LA Clippers, Prezi, and Best Buy), and teaches a Maven CBC on building a storytelling engine. This episode is a mini-masterclass on using LinkedIn to propel your brand, Joel's techniques for impressive achievement, early marriage, and, of course, best practices for storytelling.

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Shane Heath: Founder & CEO of MUD\WTR

Shane Heath is the founder and CEO of MUD\WTR, an organic coffee alternative made with a blend of spices, mushrooms, and cacao that gets you focused, alert, high energy, and in a good mood with none of the coffee induced jitters and anxiety. Shane invented MUD\WTR to address his own challenges with caffeine, and now he is sharing it with the world. In this episode we talk about decisions behind his unique company culture, Shane's surf and art sabbatical in India, the advertising and marketing strategies that have scaled MUD so quickly, reaching a flow state, mistakes along the way, the purpose of every ingredient, and top-secret future goals for the company.

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David Perry: Earning an Honorary Doctorate, Selling Companies to Atari and Sony, and Carro's Role in The Future of Social Commerce

David Perry went from high school dropout to earning an honorary doctorate in the same ceremony as Nelson Mandela. He's built official video game adaptations for box-office hits like The Matrix, Terminator, and Disney's Aladdin. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Carro, a social commerce Shopify application that opens massive new opportunities for vendors through cross-store selling and influencer partnerships. This episode discusses opportunities to use Carro to grow your business, how David became a main-stage TED speaker, selling a company to both Sony and Atari, finding new business models by traveling overseas with Howard Marks, the world of influencers as brands, and coming out of retirement to reinvent social commerce.

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Josh Rosenthal: VC & PhD in Medieval History On Why Crypto Is The Next Renaissance

Josh Rosenthal, VC & Ph.D. in Medieval History explains why Crypto really is the next revolution. In this conversation, we discuss the historical similarities between the modern internet renaissance and the renaissance of the 1400s, non-coin and non-NFT crypto use cases for blue-collar America, turning cost centers into revenue generators, how crypto is taking on the cold start problem, and the future of recorded history.

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Rob Frasca: Managing Partner at COSIMO Venture Partners on 25+ Years of Tech Investing and Entrepreneurship

Rob Frasca is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at COSIMO Venture Partners, an emerging VC firm that focuses on disruptive early-stage technology companies in blockchain, cyber security, and AI. Prior to COSIMO, Rob was an active-duty Naval pilot, and founded and exited multiple tech startups including Galt Technologies, one of the very first online financial services. This episode covers the investments Rob is making in 2022 and the philosophies behind them. We also discuss business lessons from Rob's long entrepreneurial career. As always, nothing in this episode constitutes financial advice.

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Jonathon Wu (JonWu.eth): Aztec, Privacy, Theranos, Zero-Knowledge, and The Spiritual Path To Cryptocurrency

Jonathan Wu runs growth at Aztec Network, a network building scalable privacy on Ethereum that recently raised $17 million dollars from Paradigm. In this conversation, we cover the importance of transactional privacy, the spiritual bridge to crypto, beginner guides to ZK proofs and roll-ups, Web3 incentive structures, Olympus DAO, and end with an incredible story about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Before working in crypto, Jon Wu held positions at Google and Bain Capital and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Matt Slater: GP at Stateless VC on Crypto Investment Lessons, Metaverse Real Estate, and Much More

Matt Slater is a veteran cryptocurrency investor. In this conversation, we cover Matt's background leading him on this path, the founding and selling Hedgy, the world's first bitcoin derivatives exchange, how he felt like he "missed Bitcoin" in 2013, founding his venture firm, the future of metaverse real estate, communities that Matt has been a member of, marrying the centralized and decentralized worlds, and kite surfing.

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