Conversations about all things relating to starting, growing, running, or selling a successful business. We interview guests with stories to tell about all stages of the business lifecycle.

Joel Runyon - Techniques For Motivating People To Achieve IMPOSSIBLE Goals

Ultra-endurance athlete and serial motivational entrepreneur Joel Runyon shares hard-earned wisdom about goal setting, fitness, perseverance, motivation, self-talk, retirement, and more. In 2017, Joel Runyon became the youngest person in the world to run 7 ultra marathons on 7 continents.

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Rita Lewison Singer: Louis' Grandmother! Stories From An Entrepreneur, Actress, and Motivational Speaker

Rita Lewison Singer, Louis' grandmother, joins the podcast to share lessons and stories from her varied career as a college professor, school teacher, corporate communications consultant, speechwriter, motivational speaker, image consultant, media entrepreneur, and actress. We cover lifelong learning, reinventing yourself, active retirement, and much more!

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Cole Schafer: Chasing Perfection in Copywriting, Poetry, and Everything In Between

Popular copywriter, blogger, and poet Cole Schafer joins us to explain the art and science of running his creative writing shop, Honey Copy. We also discuss growing cities like Nashville, monetizing newsletters, paid communities, using words to sell like hell, and the pursuit of greatness.

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Colton Sakamoto: Co-Founder of Pomp Crypto Jobs - Building Tools For The Crypto Workforce

Colton Sakamoto joins us to talk about the founding story of Pomp Crypto Jobs, the state of crypto and Bitcoin, the role Anthony Pompliano has played in Colton's career, and Colton's long-term crypto outlook.

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Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon: Life and Business Lessons From Australian Technology, Real Estate, and Education Entrepreneurs

Don't miss this energetic discussion concerning volunteering in Nepal, raising $400k on Kickstarter as a mass-market consumer electronics brand, launching an online education startup for lifelong learning, and embodying the not-so-secret secret to creating more opportunities for yourself. Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon are the Australian entrepreneurs behind companies like Espresso displays, Doohat labs, the Constant Student Community, Sydney Listings, and the upcoming book, 18 & Lost. Enjoy our first-ever 4-man interview!

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Lisa Song Sutton: Serial Entrepreneur and Former Miss Nevada on Creative Dealmaking, Buying Knowledge, and Political Responsibility

Lisa Song Sutton joins us to explain why she paid $10,000 to follow someone for two weeks. We also discuss how she launched instantly profitable pack-and-ship stores, the Las Vegas Real Estate market, the benefits of being Miss Nevada and a content creator, and how she manages her cupcake store and e-commerce company. Other topics include why she ran for congress, how she makes decisions, why she went to law school, and her daily habits and routines.

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Steph Smith: Indiehacker, Author, and Head of - Doing Life & Content Right

Steph Smith joins us for a wide-ranging conversation that covers her book, relationships, mindset training, lifestyle design, life's seasonality, and a segment where we riff on new business ideas including parking deck conversions and healthy remote work gadgets.

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Akaash Pardesi (Akaash Aesthetics): Entrepreneur, Coach and Bodybuilder - Mastering Reality with Positive Mental Frameworks

Akaash Pardesi joins us to share his frameworks for mastering your reality, how to live in an empowered state, cooking and eating whole foods, boosting testosterone, and detaching from the desires of your younger self.

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