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Louis and Kyle

As competitors at a "Startup Weekend" at The Edge Entrepreneurship Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Louis and Kyle competed against each other and became close friends shortly after.

They founded the podcast with the goal of sharing their journey learning life lessons from successful entrepreneurs, investors, and athletes.

Maximizing Potential

Putting Positive Energy Into Positive Sum Games

Louis and Kyle believe that publishing content, investing in real estate, and starting businesses are positive sum games. All these situations are governed by "win-win" incentives. Producing content provides value to both the podcast creators and the listeners. Improving real estate enhances communities and benefits those who finance the improvements. By putting positive energy toward positive sum games, Louis and Kyle are sure that their efforts will positively impact both themselves and those around them.

A mutual passion for deep conversation

Louis and Kyle quickly bonded over their shared passion for reading. Both were deeply impacted by books like The Four Hour Workweek, Deep Work, and The Power of Habit. These books inspired them to both ask more from the world and to produce more for it through intentional living.

Insatiable curiosity, constant drive to improve

Louis and Kyle firmly believe that life is made more exciting and fulfilling by shooting for ambitious goals. They know however, that you can't get all that far without great mentors.

The Louis and Kyle Show is our attempt to share the best of what we learn with our dream mentors who are helping us answer the questions we are asking ourselves about what it takes to make it to the next step whether that's heath, entrepreneurship, or investing.

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