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Mona El Isa joins us to discuss her on chain asset management decentralized finance protocol, Enzyme Finance. Enzyme enables anybody to launch their own investment vault. In our conversation, we cover the basics of DeFi vs Traditional Finance, the mission of Enzyme, the benefits of absolute transparency, the inception of the industry, and the tokenomics of $MLN. Enjoy!

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Heather Monahan joins us to discuss how she transitioned from being fired from the C-Suite to becoming a highly sought-after keynote speaker and best-selling author. We discuss strategies for increasing self-confidence, long-term personal branding strategies, and how to get what you want in business.

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Andy, the 21-year old co-founder of DeFi Slate, joins us to discuss today's big opportunities in DeFi, downside risks to plan for, how he is positioning himself to benefit from coming the crypto-led future, and the implications of Eth 2.0 scaling. DeFi slate is a media company covering all things decentralized finance.

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Khe Hy from RadReads joins us to discuss breaking the scarcity mindset, mastering your inner voice, accumulating personal leverage, and following the fun. After 15 years on Wall Street, Khe quit the corporate world to help others deeply improve their productivity and, as a result, their lives. Khe is a coach, instructor, and writer with 20,000 weekly readers.

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Louis and Kyle became close friends over their shared passions in self-education, reading, real estate, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Their closely aligned life goals and deeply held principles made them suited to be great long term partners in a number of projects.

They decided to start their podcast to share the conversations they were already having with successful entrepreneurs and investors in order for the wisdom they were uncovering to be shared to a wider audience.

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