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Interviews with high performing entrepreneurs, investors, and creators.

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In this episode, we interview Evan Carmichael about the intersection of belief and entrepreneurship. Evan is a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers and 400 million views. We ask him about how he practices motivation, mentorship, dancing, and the importance of thinking bigger.

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In this episode we interview Pierre-Antoine de Preux about his career journey going from high finance in Australia to starting a performance marketing agency in the UK.

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Doone Roisin joins us to share her story creating Female Startup Club, what she's learned from interviewing 80+ inspiring female founders, and how she hopes to impact "women-in-progress" worldwide. Doone is fun, intense, and high energy & we had a great time getting to know her through this interview. Listen now!

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In this episode, we talk with Jeff Sorg about his role as CEO of Pat Croce and Company. We hit topics like putting people first, change management, thinking long-term, reading, meditation, and being an evergreen learner.

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About Us —

Louis and Kyle became close friends over their shared passions in self-education, reading, real estate, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Their closely aligned life goals and deeply held principles made them suited to be great long term partners in a number of projects.

They decided to start their podcast to share the conversations they were already having with successful entrepreneurs and investors in order for the wisdom they were uncovering to be shared to a wider audience.

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