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Scott Young, author of Ultralearning, joins us to discuss the best ideas from his decade of writing and teaching about productivity, learning, motivation, philosophy, and success. Scott is also the Co-Creator of Life of Focus, a 3-month course he teaches with Cal Newport.

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Nicolas Cole joins us to discuss The Art and Business of Online Writing, his personal journey as an entrepreneurial writer, how to become a top performer in any skill, how to manage obsession, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future with both Ship30for30 and his own writing projects.

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Robbie Crabtree shares the most important skills for performative speaking learned from his career as a trial lawyer. This includes detailed breakdowns of storytelling, emotional communication, and active listening. We also discuss his successful founder journey. Within 6 months of writing online, Robbie launched a popular online course on performative speaking which is now a part of the On Deck learning community.

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Tal Gur shares his accumulated wisdom from achieving 100 Life Goals in 10 Years. Tal is the founder of Elevate Society and the author of The Art of Fully Living. We discuss the nuances of achievement, emotions, purpose, and many of life's big questions.

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About Us —

Louis and Kyle became close friends over their shared passions in self-education, reading, real estate, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Their closely aligned life goals and deeply held principles made them suited to be great long term partners in a number of projects.

They decided to start their podcast to share the conversations they were already having with successful entrepreneurs and investors in order for the wisdom they were uncovering to be shared to a wider audience.

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