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Listen and learn. Each episode provides insight into the life and brain of unconventionally successful guests.

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In this episode, we talk to Eric Jorgenson about his new book, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. In the conversation, we unpack the main topics from the book such as wealth creation, self-education, and luck.

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In this episode, we interview Lee LeFever about his new book, Big Enough. We dive into how Lee built a scalable, product-focused business—while never compromising on quality of life.

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BookThinkers founder Nicholas Hutchinson joins us to discuss the key situations where books shaped his life and business. From social media marketing to developing a well-defined mission, Nick dives into the specific moments, books, and strategies that have propelled the growth of the BookThinkers Family.

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In this episode, we have a high energy conversation with Adriel Lubarsky about his thought processes and backstory creating his company, Riveter, HR for the Unemployed.

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About Us —

Louis and Kyle became close friends over their shared passions in self-education, reading, real estate, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Their closely aligned life goals and deeply held principles made them suited to be great long term partners in a number of projects.

They decided to start their podcast to share the conversations they were already having with successful entrepreneurs and investors in order for the wisdom they were uncovering to be shared to a wider audience.

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